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Mothering Sunday invitation
church family

A thought from John Dempster ‘It’s Mothers’ Day, or more properly ‘Mothering Sunday’ this week, the 4th Sunday in Lent. It seems that centuries ago in Europe ‘Mothering Sunday’ was a day when people returned to their ‘Mother church’ – servants would be given a day off to return to their families and worship together at the family church. Because time off was so rare it was also a rare day of family togetherness. Someone at Hilton

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Transforming Highland Lives: a new opportunity

When Alan Sillars talked at the morning service back in January about New Start Highland, he mentioned  a new social enterprise company he is involved in, which was due to launch at the end of February - Highlands and Islands Business Finance. This company is now up and running, providing loans to local businesses which are finding it difficult to access finance elsewhere - it's web-site is here.  One of the other people involved in the new company

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Something to watch If you are planning to attend the Youth Visioning evening on Wednesday

Jonathan writes: “If you’re planning on coming to the youth visioning night in the Lighthouse this Wednesday (7:30-9:30pm) it would be good if you could watch this video in advance. It’ll get you thinking about long-term vision and ‘constant, magnificent generosity.’ Thirty minutes well spent.”

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